Premium Service

Loaded with features for teams and departments, the Premium Service library centralizes digital media for access by multiple users. We host it for you, starting with 500 GB of dedicated cloud storage.

Our most popular software, on an easy annual subscription.

Why choose Premium

The MPII Holdings Premium Service offers additional features for coordination and collaboration within organizational teams.

These include tools for managing workflow, upload/download approval systems, version controls and change logs, custom metadata, video storage and playback, auto-detection of duplicates, and features for messaging within the library.

Affordable and convenient, the Premium Service includes 500 GB of storage in our own private cloud.

Take control of your files

See the search power

Take advantage of Premium Service metadata options by creating your own drop-down tags, keywords, mapping data, and bespoke organization or project-specific tags. Find your files fast with metadata systems designed by you.

Say goodbye to dupes

Save time, energy, and storage space with tools to automatically detect and intercept duplicate files. Use the Revisions tool to track file changes, and move backwards and forwards through file versions. Reformat and share files without changing or duplicating master files.

Create with confidence

Master multichannel content

Easily reformat, resize, and repurpose content for web, tablet, and mobile platforms – including Facebook and Twitter – and work directly inside popular CMSs like Drupal and WordPress. Publish instantly to the web, or automate your file formatting in batches.

Integrate with creative software

Work in tandem with your desktop applications thanks to MPII Holdings plugins for Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, and FTP in Windows, iOS and Mac OS X.

Collaborate smarter

Send lightweight files

Instantly deliver large collections of media to individuals and groups via web links, lightboxes, or Dropbox – with no email attachments and no external devices.

Create conversations

Connect the conversations of your creative and business teams with easy preview, sharing, note-making, and messaging tools. Leave emails behind. Keep all of your file discussions and edits within the library, attached to the files themselves.

Better media handling

Work from anywhere

Your MPII Holdings library is designed to make media management simpler for all users of your library. Access, upload, and download your files from any PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device, at any time.

Control the traffic

Manage the privileges and permissions of your users with customizable, password-protected user accounts. Create metadata options and approval flows that control the way your clients and colleagues work with your files.

For businesses that grow

Showcase your brand

Establish a brand portal for suppliers, media, and guests with your own logo, colors, conventions, and language. Maintain your business culture within your library, with your own familiar structures and look and feel.

Increase your storage

Add as many users as you need to your MPII Holdings Premium library – for free. Start with 500 GB of hosted storage for images, documents and videos, with options to affordably grow your library up to 5 TB.

Looking for more details?

This page covers the Premium Service of the MPII Holdings library, but we also offer other media library solutions. You can compare services, or if you need us, please contact us.

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