Standard Service

A searchable photo and media library, the Standard Service is designed for small teams wanting to easily store, edit, and share digital files in their own private cloud.

Starting with 150 GB of storage, just add files and users to get started.

Why choose Standard

Complete with an attractive user interface and search engine, the Standard Service is well suited to small teams with simple administrative requirements. Its main focus is on easy-to-use storage of photos and brand content, with less focus on video, publishing, and customization tools.

The Standard Service is fully hosted in a MPII Holdings private cloud, starts with 150 GB of storage space, and is ready to use the same day you order.

Organize your photos

Bring all your photo and digital media files together in one user-friendly, web-based application.

Upload everything

Enjoy clickable tags, lightboxes, and structured folders to easily arrange your ideas and projects in an elegant visual workspace.

Save time finding files

Search by caption, keywords, file type, location, orientation, date and many other fields. Never lose a photo again.

Edit, share, and reuse

Crop, resize, and convert photos and graphics for any use.

Send lightweight files

Share media files with one-step tools via web links, Lightboxes, Facebook, Twitter, or Dropbox.

Create across platforms

Work seamlessly with your favourite tools via optional MPII Holdings plugins for FTP in Windows, iOS and Mac OS, Apple Aperture, and Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign and Photoshop.

Access files anywhere

Log in to your web-based MPII Holdings library from any PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device, at any time.

Use our space

Forget your memory worries with fully hosted, backed-up storage. From the moment you purchase your Standard Service library, it's ready for launch.

Protect your assets

Focus on your productivity, not your file management, thanks to reliable security and a continual upgrade program.

Control your business

Customize your library with your own domain name and branding for professional impact.

Collaborate smarter

Create passworded user accounts with restricted access or privileges to manage file view and use by customers, colleagues, clients, and guests.

Log and audit

Keep a secure, searchable audit trail for your site that helps you stay in control. See how the system is being used at any time, using detailed logs, graphs, tables, and searchable records.

Looking for more details?

This page covers the Standard Service of the MPII Holdings library, but we also offer other media library solutions. You can compare services , or if you need us, please contact us.

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