Terms and Conditions

MPII Holdings Inc respects your right to privacy on the web.

You will find important facts about our privacy policy in our Terms and Conditions. These are also known as a 'Software Evaluation License Agreement' and can be found at the link below. If you need any further information, please contact us

Terms and Conditions for Trial Sites

Any Trial of a MPII Holdings Inc library taken from our website is also governed by our Terms and Conditions. By taking a Trial you are deemed to have accepted these terms and agree to be governed by them.

Use of cookies

MPII Holdings Inc digital media software (the Product) uses cookies to enable functionality to be personalized when users log in. A cookie set by the Product stores information linked to a unique user identification number that enables the Product to remember the Client when the Client returns to visit the system or when the Client is logged in to provide a consistent, secure and appropriate service.

Additionally, MPII Holdings's website at www.mpiiholdings.ca uses cookies. These cookies do not carry sensitive information that identifies you individually. The cookies on www.mpiiholdings.ca are used to remember menu layouts and to provide a consistent and secure form handling process for contact forms, and to measure trends in usage for the purposes of capacity planning and marketing.

Data protection

MPII Holdings Inc does not capture and store any personal information about you, except where the you choose to give personal details voluntarily when enquiring about the ordering of any of MPII Holdings Inc's services. In such cases, the personal information given is used exclusively by MPII Holdings Inc for providing the services and information requested. MPII Holdings Inc will not pass personal data to outside organisations and/or individuals, except where required by law.

We store data including business names, addresses, contact details and records of correspondence from our customers for billing and technical support purposes. This data is not unduly processed. Our mailing list includes reliable "unsubscribe" features. Our billing data is sanitised annually and dormant records removed. All of our data is stored within the Canada. There is no data sharing with any other entity. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act (1998), MPII Holdings Inc processes personal data only for staff administration, advertising, marketing, PR, accounts, and records.

Software licenses and contracts

MPII Holdings Inc. products contain open source software. For a list of open source components and associated web site URLs and credits,please contact your MPII Holdings Inc account manager for a copy of your contract.